About us

Late. Shri Ramanlal Maniyar, fondly remembered as “ Ramanbhai” was born in then affluent family to Late Shri. Nathalal Purushottam Maniyar.

Shri.Ramanbhai , did his schooling from Gadhinglaj, District- Kolhapur and completed his science Graduation from Willingdon college, sangli.

Since his childhood he was always impressed by great leaders like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru ji and Indira Gandhi ji. He was inspired by the work of Shri Dr. S.S Ghali so, who hand holded him and guided his social life.

He always had empathy for the people in need and always extended his hands for improvement of life of people who came in contact with him. He was excellent orator and could reach to people in all classes, beyond their religious faiths.

He was a well known businessman, who started and operated various businesses in Gadhinglaj taluka to provide employment to people in the taluka however he was a firm believer of a thought, that, only education would make the needy people self reliant.

He lost his life in a age in which, people rise in their life. He was barely 42 years. However, he left his mark in people’s mind and heart, forever. We all, in Maniyar family have grown-up listening to the stories from the people , of how he helped all those who came in touch with him.

Inspired by his life , Ramanlal Maniyar Smruti Foundation is formed by Maniyar Family and Friends to continue his good work and to inspire others to do so.

Ramanlal Maniyar Smruti Foundation shall work mainly in the areas of
  1. Education (Providing scholarship for school and professional Education to needy),
  2. Health (Providing support in critical illnesses to needy) and
  3. Co-operation (Providing food to needy)


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