Covid times have taught us and shifted the focus on health industry which has become costly. Though there are many Government schemes to support people in this area but still sometimes some critical / Life threatening illnesses require additional support to save the near-ones. There are many such organizations who work in this area and support the patients.

In the short term, RMSF intends to financially support such organisations which are already established and have identified the needy people requiring the support in life threatening diseases/surgeries in Gadhinglaj taluka. The same efforts will be expanded in years to come to other areas as well.

RMSF, also wants to work to connect the people having funds and the genuine people having cause and act as a bridge to support the people in urgent needs of healthcare.

In long term, RMSF intends to provide diagnostic services and quality health care services as a non-profit entity at subsidized rates which can be afforded by poor people

In this year FY 2023-24 RMSF has :
  1. Already donated Rs 300000/- to Hope foundation, Gadhinglaj which works for medicines and nutrition needs of Children suffering from AIDS.
  2. RMSF has humble intent to support at least 5 life’s, fighting with critical ill-nesses