We firmly believe that any change in the life of people can be brought only by ensuring that the next generation is given good education.

State and Central Government supports education upto 8th standard through their various programs. It is observed that there is heavy drop out amongst the students after 8th standard only for the reason that they could not afford to pursue education further.

Also, many students in Government/ Government Aided institutes have to settle for graduate courses though they are capable of pursuing Professional courses, which can help them to uplift the economic stature of themselves and their family and relatives.

After identifying the above bottlenecks in rural areas , the short term goal of the RMSF is to work in supporting the needy students for Secondary Education and professional education. Also, RMSF wants to motivate school students to study better by providing them with school books and stationaries on very wide scale. Initially, the support will be provided for students in Gadhinglaj Taluka and will be expanded further, in years to come.

In long term, RMSF intends to start schools and hostels as non-profit organisations to provide quality education for students in rural areas and also for urban poor.